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The Youth Diplomacy forum “YDF” pursuits to bolster cooperation amongst youth, broaden people-people contact, in addition to sell international relations particularly cultural and lingual diplomacy.

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Build up your connection worldwide via Interactions with overseas youth & most significantly with diplomats and Ambassadors!


📍Ten Days Online diplomacy course

📍International conference on Cuba

📍International conference on Afghanistan Regarding Humanitarian Diplomacy

📍Online sessions about the impact of COVID-19 on Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Morocco, Greece and France.

📍MENA Certificate program jointly organized by the Youth Diplomacy Forum and ORSAM Center For Middle Eastern Studies Turkey.

📍 An online Int’l Conference on Polish Pakistani bilateral ties jointly organized by YDF & Warsaw Institute. A joint international conference, organized by the Youth Diplomacy Forum and the Warsaw Institute, was held on February 21, 2022. The main topic of the event was Polish-Pakistani relations. The participants of the meeting included H.E. Mr. Malik Muhammad Farooq, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Poland, H.E. Mr. Piotr Andrzej Opaliński, former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Pakistan, Dr. Syed Sibtain Shah from the National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad, President YDF Musawar Tanoli, and moderator Ms. Liliana Śmiech, Director of Public Relations at the Warsaw Institute.

📍 Two-day World Youth Summit for Peace 2022 in collaboration with IHRC & other partner organizations. National & International. The 4th World youth Summit for Peace 2022 was organized by the IHRC Islamabad in which the Youth Diplomacy Forum was a partner organization. In that summit, the Foreign Minister of Togo joined the summit in Islamabad as well as presented shield of appreciation to the founding president of the youth diplomacy forum. 11-12 August 2022.

📍 One Month Online Internship Program jointly organized by the Youth Diplomacy Forum and the Ex-Chinese Association on the topic of Understanding Dynamics of Xinjiang, China’s role in sustainable development of neighboring countries especially Pakistan Total: 8 sessions 2 sessions per week on zoom 2 hours session At the end certificate of participation were given to the participants.

Total participants: 50

Duration: 1 Month

19 November 2022 to 11 December 2022

Goal: To enhance Pak-China bilateral ties as well as understand the social, economic and cultural side of China and Pakistan plus future cooperation.

Read More about Internship Program: https://youthdiplomacyforum.com/2022/12/14/online-internship-program/

Take the opportunity to be a member of YDF for one year and to improve your professional skills worth PKR 2000/

For Pakistani Nationals: 2000 PKR/

For Foreigners: 50 USD

Membership Package: Printed Mug, certificate of Membership & certificates of participation in all upcoming activities for one year.

Membership Application Form: https://surveyheart.com/form/63b29c74f5d4232c3e0c248b

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