World in Chaos


This article is written by Aimen Jamil, student of International Relations at National University of Modern Languages. She is interested in foreign affairs, global and regional politics as well as diplomacy.


World in Chaos: The fall of Kabul on 15 August 2021 astonished the entire world. Taliban started capturing Afghanistan from the rural areas where they did not have much influence then stepped into the urban areas and with the blink of eye Kabul was under their control. Taliban where able to takeover the region with minimal bloodshed.

They were only left with the territory of Panjshir where the resistance forces led by Ahmad Masood were present. There was ongoing clashes between Taliban and the resistance forces, and Taliban declared their victory over the region of Panjshir. After declaring complete control of the region, Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid announced the new government on 7 September 2021.

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Till now no country has recognized the government of Taliban but negotiation tables are open with them. The new leadership of the region is a challenging point for the globe


Regional Countries

The whole world wishes to have stable government in Afghanistan. The security dilemma of the region is directly linked with the regional powers because they are the front liners to face the consequences.

  • China

Taliban delegation met Chinese officials. In the meeting the former has promised that the land of Afghanistan will not be used against any regional country while Taliban spokesperson stated that China could be their partner for stable economy. It is more of a geo economic challenge for China.


  • Iran

Iran has historically been an enemy of Taliban but in the current situation both sides have shown a positive attitude in a notion that enemy of the enemy is a friend. Iran want access to the Central Asia and Taliban want more allies. Their relation could be good only if Taliban assures the protection of the Shia community. Both sides want to cooperate with each other of their own interests.


  • Pakistan

The unrest in Afghanistan will ultimately cause unrest in Pakistan. Pakistan already have borne the consequences in terms of financial lose and human life lose. Pakistan has always advocated a stable government in her neighbor and is making all the possible efforts in this regard.

Three days ago Pakistan government sent C-130 of Pakistan Air Force carrying relief goods in food and medicine out of 36 MT package and delivered to the Afghan public health. yesterday one more plane landed at Khost with relief goods including food and medicine.

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Pakistan’s humanitarian assistance is continued effectively. Moreover, today another C-130 brought relief goods from Pakistan to Mazar-e-Sharif and delivered to governor Bulkh Molvi Qudratullah according to the embassy of Pakistan in Kabul.


  • Russia

Russia looks at this situation as a relief. Russia has given a bright outlook to Taliban because they want to use Taliban for taking revenge from their rival, the US.


International community

International community is very much worried about the stability in the region. The first regime of Taliban was very much hostile and the world is fearing for the same humanitarian crisis this time as well. The world powers are holding meetings over and over whether to recognize the Taliban’s government or not till now world is observing their rule.



Taliban have put the world in great chaos. As the situation is changing day by day the only way to make things stable is the Taliban should fulfill whatever they promised to the world and the people of Afghanistan. The international community is looking for cooperation in which they follow the rules and regulations of United Nations I-e is mainly protection of human rights, legal trade and security points so that the world could feel easier to recognize them.



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