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Do you want to be a published author then write for Youth Diplomacy Forum!

Youth Diplomacy Forum is inviting young research fellows from across the world to write for us on the topics of International conflicts, diplomacy, foreign affairs, SDGs, and Human Rights

The Youth Diplomacy Forum is working from last two years to strengthen global youth collaboration, youth empowerment, public and cultural diplomacy, Sustainable development goals and Conflict Resolution across the globe.

We conducted several activities namely;

Ten Days online Diplomacy Course jointly organized by the YDF and National Model OIC Pakistan

Series of online sessions on the impact of COVID across the globe specifically on Pakistan, Jordan Azerbaijan, Morocco, Greece and France.

International conference on Humanitarian diplomacy with respect to Afghanistan

Pakistan Africa bilateral ties jointly organized by the YDF and African Youth Parliament

Growing Pak Turk bilateral ties jointly organized by YDF and INWOP

Polish Pakistani bilateral ties jointly organized by the YDF and Warsaw Institute

Impact of Turkish President Erdogan personal beliefs and the external policy of Turkey

One Month MENA Certificate Program jointly organized by the Youth Diplomacy Forum and ORSAM Center For Middle Easter Studies Turkey

One of the program link https://youtu.be/OhgTgydG9f8

Moreover, Youth Diplomacy Forum work as a partner organization in the 4th World Youth Summit For Peace 2022 in Islamabad organized by the International Human Rights Commission


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What do we look for?

Submissions for one of our blog section should range between 400 to 800 words while feature article generally ranges from 1200 to 1500 words.

Preference will be given to original reporting and analysis

We are covering topics like Foreign affairs, diplomacy, global conflicts and human rights