Unity of Creative Pakistani-Uzbek Youth

The Youth Diplomacy Forum and Girls Voice Project from the Youth Works Agency has conducted a virtual Festival on the topic of “Unity of Creative Pakistani and Uzbek Youth” on 30 September 2023. Around 30 young people from both countries participated in the program. Fifteen young people from Pakistan & Fifteen young people from Uzbekistan were part of this virtual Festival. 

Unity of Creative Pakistani and Uzbek Youth

There were three categories; 




There were five winners; three from Uzbekistan and two from Pakistan. The purpose of this festival was to take an initiative towards development of youth cooperation and people to people contact. The young people from Uzbekistan showed interest in understanding Pakistan’s culture, traditions, values & exploring other aspects. Some Uzbek young people also emphasized on cultural exchange programs, student exchange programs and scholarships for Pakistani & Uzbek youth. 

Tale of Tower by Muhammad Hissan Gul 

In ancient Bukhara’s desert land, a tale so grand,

A minaret arose, in storied, mystic sand.

Majestic, strong, it stood with grace, a monument of time,

Crafted by skilled hands of old, a treasure so sublime.

Through ages vast, it proudly stood, nature’s test it did bear,

While quakes did crumble others down, this tower, unaware.

In harmonious proportions built, its secret well retained,

Its bricks and base, foundations strong, a legacy ingrained.

Engraved upon its lofty frame, three belts of history’s hand,

The year of birth, a ruler’s name, a master’s skill, all grand.

“Big Tower,” “Tower of Death,” they’d say in hushed, revered tone,

For tales of ancient trials and fates from heights were widely known.

One story speaks of cruelty, a shakh with heart of stone,

Intent to cast his wife below, her fate to be unknown.

Yet, she, clever and resourceful, struck a fateful deal,

Her final wish, a parachute of dresses, fate to heal.

With courage in her heart, she climbed to meet her end,

A crowd below, eyes wide with fear, to see her fate suspend.

She leaped, a miracle unfurled, a parachute of dress,

Descending softly to the earth, a tale of bold finesse.

Another tale of conqueror’s might, Chingizkhan, renowned,

Whose helmet tumbled to the ground, humbled by the sound.

He who never bowed, did stoop to nature’s grand display,

“This construction’s grandiose,” he said, in humble, rare dismay.

Minaret Kalyan, storied, tall, more than just a stone,

Embodied Bukhara’s strength and lore, where legends found their throne.

A sentinel in silence stood, over the city’s land,

A symbol of enduring grace, by tales and time’s own hand.

Note: The poem is a fictional account and is not claimed to be the historically correct version of the events in any way.

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