Three Brothers 2021 Military exercises

Three Brothers

A military exercise “Three Brothers-2021” is being held in Baku, Azerbaijan in which the armed Forces of Pakistan and Turkey is participating. The purpose of this joint military exercise is to strengthen cooperation in the area of defense as well as operation capabilities of these countries. These exercises will last until 20th September in Baku.

Azerbaijan is also interested to procure JF17 Thunder from Pakistan. Moreover, Azerbaijan is using Turkish made drones which helped Armed forces of Azerbaijan in second Karabakh War against Armenia.

One of the purpose of these military exercises is maybe to show strength, preparedness and power to the enemy. told by Mr. Musawar hameed Tanoli to Hafta News Azerbaijan.

He also stated that, It will be good to establish a joint military base in Azerbaijan especially in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The presence of militaries of Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey in Karabakh will create an impact on Armenia and maybe it will help in peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Turkish and Azerbaijani armed forces are already present in Karabakh and monitoring the situation on the border along with the Russian peacekeeping troops.


He told Vusal Tagibeyli a journalist from Hafta News that Mutual defense agreement will be fruitful for Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

By doing this our military and strategic relations will enhance. Joint defense agreement will help to understand each other’s capabilities and to learn from each other.

This joint exercise will also enhance the capability of combat operations in peace as well as war time said, Tanoli.


Source: Hafta News Azerbaijan

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