Peaceful settlement of disputes in Intl’ Law

Peaceful Settlement of disputes in International Law: The peaceful settlement of disputes and conflict prevention are closely interconnected. Conflict prevention takes the peaceful settlement of disputes one step further by attempting to address both the immediate and the deeper causes of conflict. Contemporary approaches to conflict prevention also emphasize the linkages between peaceful societies and…

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United Nations

United Nations Aid Reaches Ukraine

United Nations Assistance reached Ukrainian Town and Cities reclaimed from Russian Control:  More than 73,000 people in Kharkiv oblast have now received food assistance, which is nearly half of the population in the retaken areas. Villages and settlements across the oblast that are back under Ukrainian Government control are unable to meet even their most…

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Ukraine condemned the referendums amid War

The United Nations says it remains ‘fully committed’ to Ukraine’s territorial integrity ‘within its internationally recognized borders’.  International IDEA calls on the international community to condemn these referendums on Ukraine’s territories as illegitimate and illegal. The authorities in Ukraine condemned the move.  Referendum in the occupied territories of Ukraine are happening during the war:  Russian-installed…

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