Sino-Pakistan Relations

Sino-Pakistan Relations and the Uyghurs Conundrum

Sino-Pakistan Relations: “Sino-Pakistan Relations and the Uyghurs Condurum”! Pakistan’s policy towards “China and Uyghurs” is Realpolitik. In the words of Assad Durrani: “In the field of International politics and security, morality takes a back seat.” Thus we will start our dissertation keeping in view that “Pakistan is prioritizing its national interest over its religious ideology”…

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Rising Extremism as a Non-Traditional Threat to Pakistan

Rising Extremism:  “Gone are the days” when states are only subjected to military or traditional threats. Where the physical security is dependent upon its military for its defense from internal and foreign threats. Due to globalization, the phenomenon of security is not limited to a state’s territorial borders or its integrity, but it’s transnational and…

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