Uzbekistan Post Referendum Scenario; OSCE Role

The Republic of Uzbekistan has once again taken the decisive “lead” in introducing “pure” and “genuine” reforms of further “politicization” and “democratization” in the Central Asian Region. The successful holding and approval of the most recently referendum on April 30, 2023 has opened a new chapter and concept of “interactive” and “integrative” “People’s Democracy” and…

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Uzbekistan President

Uzbekistan Referendum 2023; Strategic Significance

It seems that Central Asian Region is under rigorous socio-economic, geopolitical and geostrategic “realignment” and “transformation”. The president of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev started a “holistic” and comprehensive process of further “politicization” and “democratization” in the country since 2016. In this regard, hopefully, the successful referendum to be held on April 30, 2023 would further incorporate spirits…

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