BRI & Indonesia; Greater Regional Connectivity at its best

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have completed its first ten years. During this decade, it remained an ideal global cooperation platform and strategic vision of China for global development and offering remedial resolution to the reform of the global governance system and multi-faceted challenges. While delivering a keynote speech at the Indonesian parliament…

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Sino-Pakistan Relations

Sino-Pakistan Relations and the Uyghurs Conundrum

Sino-Pakistan Relations: “Sino-Pakistan Relations and the Uyghurs Condurum”! Pakistan’s policy towards “China and Uyghurs” is Realpolitik. In the words of Assad Durrani: “In the field of International politics and security, morality takes a back seat.” Thus we will start our dissertation keeping in view that “Pakistan is prioritizing its national interest over its religious ideology”…

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BRI and Ethiopia

BRI and Ethiopia’s Vision 2030

Without a question, Ethiopia’s economic change might be aided by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to expand infrastructure, encourage investment, and create jobs. China and Ethiopia are collaborating on building industrial parks, a green economy, and infrastructure as part of the BRI. All of these large-scale initiatives are yielding outstanding results and…

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Online Internship Program Report

Online Internship Program Jointly organized by the Youth Diplomacy Forum and the Ex-Chinese Association from 19 November till 11 December 2022:  Topic: Understanding Dynamics of Xinjiang and China’s role in global sustainable development First Session: 19th November 2022 Topic: Understanding Dynamics of Xinjiang Region, China’s Role in Sustainable Development of Neighboring countries Report of First…

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Multidimensional outlook of the Caspian Sea

Multidimensional outlook of the Caspian Sea:  Introduction: Unilateralism and Isolationism are unknown to the highly interconnected Caspian system which is largely dependent on territorial integrity and the concept of sovereignty. The Caspian Sea has grabbed the attention of the international community with the fast-growing energy trends in the modern globalized market economy. The world’s largest…

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China-Taiwan Conflict; US role

This article is written by Bisma Mubashir, a graduate of International Relations from the National University of Modern Languages. she is interested in foreign affairs, global conflicts, International politics, and diplomacy.  Introduction: China-Taiwan Conflict: Besides technological advancement, Taiwan holds vital strategic importance due to its geographical location. Along with Japan to the north and the…

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