Russia shows off NATO military hardware captured in Ukraine

Russian crowds are flocking to see a new exhibition in Moscow of NATO military hardware that was captured by Russian forces in Ukraine.

The display features a range of “trophies,” ranging from U.S.-made armored fighting vehicles to state-of-the-art tanks and European armored personnel carriers, from 12 countries including the U.S., U.K., France, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Australia and Germany.


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu commented Wednesday that to maintain the pace of current offensive operations and ahead of “further actions,” more weapons and military equipment needed to be sent to the front lines.

In other news, Russia appears to be looking to bolster the combat strength and weapons supplies of its forces ahead of an expected new large-scale offensive in mid-May, early June.

In the meantime, Russian forces appear to be shifting their operational focus on to Chasiv Yar, a key strategic target as they look to occupy more territory in Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine.

Two people were killed and six more were injured on Wednesday following Russian shelling of the city of Hirnyk, according to the head of Donetsk’s regional state administration.

In a Telegram post, Vadym Filashkin said the attack had occurred during the afternoon, local time, and that final information on the number of victims and the full extent of the damage was yet to be established, according to an NBC translation.

A British Husky APC, captured by Russian forces in Ukraine, is displayed at the WWII memorial complex at Poklonnaya Hill western in Moscow, on May 1, 2024.

The Russian Ministry of Defence opened an exhibition of samples of “Western weapons and military equipment” captured by Russian forces in Ukraine. The exhibition will last for one month.

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