Russia promises to “expand” its ties with North Korea

Russia Promises to expand its ties with North Korea amid Russia Ukraine War: 

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, Russia pledges to deepen its relations with North Korea. Russia has said its relationship with North Korea will “expand” – with Moscow facing an international backlash to its invasion of Ukraine. In a letter to Kim to mark the anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japan in 1945. During Russia-Ukraine War Russian President Putin pledged them “comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations”, according to North Korean state media.

The KCNA news agency said Kim responded to his Russian counterpart by saying the two countries were closer than ever amid Russia Ukraine War. Russian President Vladimir Putin pledges to enhance bilateral ties with North Korea during the Russia Ukraine War.

Moscow and Pyongyang Relations: 

Kim added in his return letter that Pyongyang and Moscow’s relations had been strengthened by their work to counter threats from hostile forces. Although he did not name the US and its allies directly, he has used similar language to describe them in the past. North Korea’s support for Russia was demonstrated earlier this year when it recognized the Russian-backed breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent from Ukraine during Russia Ukraine War. In July, Pyongyang also said North Korean workers could be dispatched to these areas to help with construction efforts during Russia Ukraine War.

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Hegemonic Policy: 

The country has also repeatedly blamed Washington for the Ukraine war, claiming the US’ “hegemonic policy” drove Moscow to invade its neighbor in an act of self-defense. The latest correspondence between the Russian and North Korean leaders comes as Washington and Soul warned that Pyongyang could be preparing to conduct its first nuclear test since September 2017.

The Biden administration has threatened during Russia Ukraine War to introduce further sanctions against North Korea if the drill occurs. However, it has not spelled out how it would punish the Kim regime in the event of a nuclear test. North Korea has launched more than 30 ballistic missiles to date in 2022, far more than it has done in recent years.

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Seoul continues to encourage its northern neighbor to denuclearise, pledging to give it financial support if it does so. South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol reiterated this message on Monday, saying his country would supply the north with food, electrical infrastructure, and the means to modernize its ports and airports if Pyongyang took such a step. This would “significantly” improve the lives of the North Korean people, he said.

“We will also help improve North Korea’s agricultural production, provide assistance to modernize its hospitals and medical infrastructure, and carry out initiatives to allow for international investment and financial support,” he added. However, Pyongyang is unlikely to be swayed by such words. Over the weekend, one of its senior officials hit out at UN secretary general Antonio Guterres for backing the complete denuclearisation of North Korea during Russia Ukraine War.

Kim Son Gyong said the UN boss had made remarks “that grossly lack impartiality”, adding that attempts to make it give up its nuclear arsenal infringed upon its sovereignty.  Moreover, North Korea now joins Russia and Syria in recognizing two Moscow-backed breakaway states in eastern Ukraine. That could provide a new foothold for sanctions evasion and cybercrime.

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