Regime Change; Exploring American Foreign Policy

Regime change refers to the process of replacing one government or political system with another. It involves substantial political, social, and economic transformation within a country. It can happen through more aggressive methods like revolution or foreign interventions. Strong countries may engage in regime change for various reasons. Some motivations could include pursuing their National interest,…

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BRI & Indonesia; Greater Regional Connectivity at its best

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have completed its first ten years. During this decade, it remained an ideal global cooperation platform and strategic vision of China for global development and offering remedial resolution to the reform of the global governance system and multi-faceted challenges. While delivering a keynote speech at the Indonesian parliament…

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BRI and Malaysia

BRI & Malaysia: Miraculous Journey

BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) Despite constant and continued political instability, the level of cognizance of the China-initiated BRI remains positive, productive and participatory among the different ethnic communities in Malaysia. Right from the beginning the two sides agreed to coordinate and promote development and cooperation in various fields to further enhance bilateral ties, which…

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Green Legacy Initiative | Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopia embassy Launches Green Legacy Initiative of Ethiopia’s PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed in Islamabad. The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Islamabad on Wednesday launched the Green Legacy Initiative which is a brainchild of the Prime Minister H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, designed to address climate related issues, reduce poverty, preserve environment and…

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Sino-Pakistan Relations

Sino-Pakistan Relations and the Uyghurs Conundrum

Sino-Pakistan Relations: “Sino-Pakistan Relations and the Uyghurs Condurum”! Pakistan’s policy towards “China and Uyghurs” is Realpolitik. In the words of Assad Durrani: “In the field of International politics and security, morality takes a back seat.” Thus we will start our dissertation keeping in view that “Pakistan is prioritizing its national interest over its religious ideology”…

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