Nationalism to Globalization; vis-a-vis new Pol dilemma

This Article is written by Ms. Farhat Asghar Rana, studied M.Phil in International Relations. 


Age of technology gave birth to a word “Globalization”, which has broader meaning not in the sense of communications or timeless travel through gadgets, but also turning the meaning of “Nationalism”, as well. Nationalism is a sense of love and devotion with one’s mother land, the term Nationalism is associated with religion, values, culture and ethics of social living including civic sense.

State and Nationalism: 

The state has its own political system, Social, Economic and cultural heritage. The ideology of a state defines national and international concerns, as it moves through Foreign Policy gains to protect and prospects its people while on other hand, Nationalism get strength through the state’ policies while the political system uses it during elections. Forces of the country wage wars on the basis of Nationalism, Cultural Festivals represents the life style of the whole country; but the prevailing dilemma is fast growing concept of Globalization under which’ shadow Nationalism is going to be wither.

Globalization is the end of “Status Quo”, or Nation’s Individuality:  

Hard to digest but globalization made our lives flexible; kingdoms turned into Republics, and Republics turned into Welfare states. Unanimously accepted food courts, dress codes, greeting styles, and the recognized standards of quality are the promos of the globalization with sharpen node of the ending to the Status Quo; Threat not to Nationalism but horrible enough to a Nation. As an individual to adopt some foreign trends is not a big deal but on the changing trend of the Nation not only raise the eyebrows but gives a sting of alert to the individuality of the nation.

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Nationalism and politics: 

The term nation indicates the group of people living together on same defined territory which is free from external pressure. A sovereign state has its own language, religion, culture, currency, and law enforcement bodies, either governed by the king or by the public representatives, who fights and supports the common greater purpose calls ideology of the Nation. Contemporary term Nationalism is the love and emotional feelings for the above mention elements which are shown by the people of the state.

Political system is the fundamental part of the country or state. Political system have main three types to make and run the government; Democracies, Monarchies and authoritarian as well as totalitarian rule. The linkage between the Nationalism and the politics is very easy to trace not simply as a system to run and govern but to execute the ideology of the Nation in a day to day changing situation is the favorite hobby of the politicians. Nationalism and ideology are the tools to exploit the people during elections or self campaign from all govern bodies while the past few years are evidencing the new political dilemma.

Globalization VS Nationalism:                

Globalization in its simplest form is the process of integration and interaction among people across the globe. The cross border trade, communications, transportation, technology and exchange of goods calls for globalization. Cross border trade in ancient times was not as easy as today due to technology, nowadays it’s quite easy to see the live images not only the goods but the dealers or merchants also. The exposure always leads to change regardless positive or negative, the same is in the case with globalization.

The very first human attraction is the FOOD, the exchange of recopies the food chains ( sort of the Capitalist) took the advantage to introduce the new taste to change the traditional taste buds and the successful experiment gave courage to the fashion industry as well and the traditional dresses reserved for the local festivals only, while the cross border cultural shows introduce the new ways of the life style, which accepted worldwide, but here the notable thing is that all adoptions was from under developed countries especially while the advance countries sold their language by certificates and under developed countries adopted the advanced languages just to get high control over modern techniques and it help their Nations to improve.

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The Nations and the nationalism withered away because the strong culture of the modern countries was equipped with advance technology and the saddest thing happens to the nations when they got technology first and the education later. Most of the countries experienced the same; they got technology first while education is not in their priority list.

Education gives the sense of use the advance items but the capitalist minds captured the markets by attractive gadgets and the majority of the people start feeling complex if they are unaware of the food taste their names or the movies or the actors names even the prominent examples is of the famous smart phones.

Even in Pakistan and Afghanistan 90% people are unaware that why these expensive phones are and for whom it is, many are unaware of their actual functions and don’t know their exact use but the market trend has been set to show off or in a global trend they are buying it just in a trance of the global reviews without knowing that the difference of work job and country also matters.


The natural love of mother land or the comfort zone of the native language may mesmerize someone with the fantasy of the cultural values and the home kitchen’ aromas but as a matter of fact that half of the globe has a strong wish to migrate to advance countries. The successful cases have been observed to perform some rituals only on some religious occasions after one or two decades. The next generations adopt the migrant culture and the original native country fellows also get influence from them. The pure nationalism reserves only for the National days while the positive aspect of the globalization is free trade, exchange of ideas through education as well as the end of the status quo is no doubt the biggest positive aspect.


Moreover, the confusing generations are coming soon who will feel themselves in a dilemma of nationalism VS globalization because the dual nationality actually dismiss one identity for sure and the cross border business interest always create worries/tensions. To sum up the discussion though its under discussions among the scholars since long but as an end note, the globalization is fast forwarding system now which is more than exchange of trade and technology, the nationalism also need a revival in the changing panorama of the new era.

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