Islamic Political System


Islamic Political System:

Since Adam and Eve, there are versatile political systems across the globe. Greeks are considered the founders of political knowledge. Four major theories about political systems are social contract theory, wars between states, Patriarchy or matriarchy, and theory of divine origin. We have seen monarchy of different types, dictatorship, aristocracy, feudalism, fascism, theocracy, and autocracy as well. Whereas, the existing and prevailing system is a democracy with its alterations. It is the most accepted and cherished form of government these days. (Islamic Political System is point of concern)

Communism and Capitalism: 

In the modern world, democracy is considered the most supreme and just system and no other system can outdo this supreme concept as it prevailed after the war between Karl Marx’s communism and capitalism. But, the concept of democracy is somehow flawed whether it is Britain, American or French definition of democracy. Quoting Churchill’s famous remark “No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been the worst form of government except for all those forms that have been tried from time to time” Also, there is no accepted definition of right and wrong in a democratic system.


Europeans consider time before the treaty of Westphalia- separation between church and state and rise of protestant ideology, rationalism, and liberalism, the rise of the nation-state, and huge advancement in technology as their dark age. Liberalism left its print on the Muslim population as the European have the commanding hand these days. There is also a question of liberalization in Muslim states as well and Muslims are questioning the role of religion in politics. Is Islam really outdated and incompatible with the current age? 

One reason is the whole concept of theocracy is misunderstood, mistaken, and also misinterpreted by the west. As they are dominant, Muslims are trying to apply their recipe of success to their own selves. Having fewer commands in religion, atrocities people faced by monarchs and popes, misinterpretation by the pope for the sake of his own power, and constraints on a search for the true spirit of the bible are the leading causes. It should be understood whether theocracy means imposing the will of religious leaders or imposing the will of Allah Almighty?

Islamic System: 

The basic difference between the Islamic system and other systems is the sovereignty of Allah almighty. “All praise unto Allah” is differentiating factor, so there is a commandment of God. Islam gives us basic principles of a system but leaves the rest to mindful people of the contemporary era to interpret according to the situation. But, universal principles of Islam cannot be altered. The concept of right and wrong given by Islam is universal and cannot be challenged. The Justice system of Islam is perfect and no one is allowed to interfere and change the definition of justice.

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Caliph is the elected leader by the public who will work according to the guidelines of Allah almighty. It is the duty of the state to eliminate tyranny, implement justice and implement Islamic laws as well. Holy Book of Muslims “The Quran” and life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) “Sunnah” are the guiding factors for the people of the state. Islam is against the state based on nationalism but not against the provincial autonomy and separation of power to a smaller level. There should be an advisory council of eligible and intellectual people which will discuss the affairs of the state.

Islamic Political System: 

In a nutshell, from individual to the whole society, the Islamic system gives us complete instructions and a set of guidelines that is relevant to the modern era as well. Simply according to the political side of Islam, there should be the kingdom of Allah on earth-who is the king of kings and Lord of all lords. If someone thinks otherwise, he revolts against Allah almighty. Islamic principles are proved correct from time to time as well as adopted by other systems of the globe.

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This article is written by Shehryar Ahmed, a student of International Relations at the National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. He is interested in political systems around the globe, the evolution of human history, theories of International Relations, and diplomacy.  

Islamic Political System

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