Facts about Iran’s Parliamentary Elections

The election process officially kicked off at 8 AM local time on Friday, March 1, 2024, across Iran to form the 12th round of parliamentary elections and the sixth round of the Assembly of Experts.

More than 350 foreign journalists cover news on Iran’s elections.


Tahan Nazif, spokesperson for the Constitutional Council, reveals that approximately 230,000 public observers will actively participate in overseeing the election.

Over 250,000 people are assigned to ensure the security of the elections across the country.

Elections in Iran

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Interior said on Friday that almost 300,000 people are involved in protecting the security

15,000 candidates competed while there are 51 candidates for each seat indicating a comparative election.

The Islamic Republic system in Iran was established with a 98.2% public turnout in the referendum and this system has celebrated its 45th anniversary this year.

In a message H.E. Dr Reza Amiri Moghaddam, Iranian ambassador to Pakistan said; As depicted by the Islamic Republic.

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