International Community’s Response to Ukraine War


Keynote Speakers: 

The keynote speakers of the webinar were Dr. Riaz Shad he is the head of the International Relations department at NUML Islamabad and Ambassador Shahid Amin Khan. He is the fourth world chairman of the International Human Rights Commission. The webinar on International Community’s response to Russia Ukraine Crisis took place via the zoom platform.

Key Points under Discussion: 

The focus of the conversation was on how states and international organizations have responded to Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not new, it dates back to the dissolution of the Soviet Union during the post-Cold War period. Following WWII, this is one of the world’s biggest conflicts. Dr. Muhammad Riaz Shad succinctly summarised the international community’s response in two terms: the international western community’s response and the international community’s overall response, which includes the developing world and third-world countries. More specifically the response of the Afro-Asian World because of its increasing economic and political importance in the current era. The countries which have the strong economic muscles in this region are of great concern e.g. India.

International Community's Response to Ukraine War

Since 24th February 2022, the western world has been united in response to Russian aggression. They have been united in three major responses

  1. Economic sanctions
  2. Economic and political support for Ukraine
  3. The political isolation of Russia

Anticipated the doom’s day scenario NATO decided against providing military assistance to Ukraine. Somehow the western economic sanctions against Russia did not result in the way they desired. Because of the fact that Russia’s economy is highly dependent on energy exports (oil and gas) and the sale of weapons. And the western world is the largest destination of these exports. There is interdependence between Russia and the West (Europe and US). Russia was not much affected by these sanctions but it had a larger impact on the European countries. Because of the economic and military support to Ukraine, it is sustaining against the Russian military intervention. Majorly the west wants the political isolation of Russia for which they are putting pressure on developing and third world counties to abandon their relationship with Russia.

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Dr. Shahid Amin highlighted the importance of table talks. He served as 4th World Chairman of the International Human Rights Commission. There is no other way to deal with this crisis and war than to give diplomacy a try. Countries that promote feelings will reap no benefits instead, let us begin a dialogue to stop the agony of the Ukrainian people.

The closing remarks were given by the president of the Youth Diplomacy Forum Musawar Hameed Tanoli and he also throws light on the UN response in this regard. He discussed the resolutions of the Security Council and General Assembly on the Ukrainian War.

This is reported by Aimen Jamil, deputy director at the Youth Diplomacy Forum. 

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