Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan


This article is written by Shehryar Ahmed, student at the department of International Relations NUML Islamabad. He is passionate about youth empowerment, global conflicts and diplomacy. Moreover, he is also a volunteer head of Youth Diplomacy Forum as well as member of media team YDF.


America Spent 2 billion dollars in Afghanistan and fought for twenty years. America is fleeing away from the graveyard of empires. Taliban formed in 1994 comprised of Afghan resistance Fighters who fought against the Soviet (backed by CIA) controlled Afghanistan in 1996 and now after the complete withdrawal of US forces by 31 August from Afghanistan and takeover of Ahmed Shah Massoud’s Panjsher, they are the absolute authority of Afghanistan. It can be called as “AMERICAN ADVENTURE” because America wanted to enter the Khorasan Region.



America made Taliban. This argument can be said true to some extent as America provided the Weapons for Taliban so they can make their government. Osama Bin Ladan conducted the attacks of 9/11 that changed the world and says it is revenge for what America is doing in Muslim countries like Libya and Afghanistan. Taliban gave shelter to Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Ladan  and America on the name of killing terrorists and promoting peace enters Afghanistan.

After so many human killings America finally in 2021 is leaving Afghanistan in chaos under the same Taliban rule “terrorists” according to the superpower. If you answer the question that America has ensured peace in Afghanistan after 20 years, The answer will be negative. Instead they left Afghanistan in utter chaos.

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Taliban has announced the Interim government after the US forces withdrawal by 31 August 2021. The main leaders are:

Hibatullah AkhunZada is the supreme leader of Taliban following Iranian pattern of government.

Mullah Muhammad Akhund will be the the prime minister of Interim Government. The new government is expected soon on the Iranian government Model. Sirajuddin Haqqani is also the interim interior minister.

Mullah Ghani Baradar will be the deputy prime minister and Mullah Umer’s son Mullah Muhammad Yaqub is the defense minister.


There are talks about a compact government in which all the stakeholders will be given their due share.


The Dangerous Haqqani network formed by Jalaluddin Haqqani created by US against the Soviet Union invasion and now sanctioned by the US is the part of the interim Afghan government.

Al-Qaeda responsible for the famous attacks of 9/11 2001 is quite dysfunctional after the death of leader Osama Bin Ladan.

Taliban the group of Mullah Omer who started the Taliban organization with his 50 students.

The northern alliance made against the Taliban led by Ahmed Shah Masoud backed by the US.

Gulbadin Hikmatyar founder of Hizb-e-Islami who was the most funded by CIA during the Soviet Union attack on Afghanistan.


There were rumours that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has been killed after his disappearance in last few days but he shared a message in which he said he was fine and there are no differences between the Taliban. There are rumours that Ghani Biradar do not agree with Haqqanis on the role of women and all ethnicities participation in new government.

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Ghani Biradar wants to include women and all ethnicities in government while Haqqanis are of the opinion that we have taken Afghanistan with our military power from America.


Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia and UAE were the countries accepting the Taliban government in Kabul in 1990’s. Pakistan always support any kind of government in Afghanistan that will not allow terrorist to use Afghanistan soil for terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Pakistan have always answered no when they were questioned about intervening in Afghan affairs.


Remember Why America attacked Afghanistan. To take revenge of 9/11 or to curtail the “terrorists” Taliban (according to superpower) role in Afghanistan. So question arises do America has achieved their objective of ensuring peace and stability.

The answer is negative. The Taliban is the sole owner of region now and the Kabul is in their hands.

The America left Kabul in urgency continuing the foreign policy of Donald Trump who started the peace negotiations with the Taliban leadership. Fighting for twenty years bombing civilians mixing them with the militants and continuing bloodshed in Afghanistan.

America conducted drone attacks inside the threshold of Pakistan. Ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

The United States of  America has failed miserably after 20 years they gave the Afghanistan to same “terrorists” they attacked 20 years ago.


America who left Afghanistan in utter urgency is responsible for any civil war that happens in near future.

America foreign policy can be questioned that after 20 years of bloodshed how quickly they handed over the Kabul to Taliban. Their revenge was disastrous for Afghanistan.

Ultimately “power” is the most important key to do any adventure in the international political Arena. ”Power” is the license to do everything in the International Political World.

The utter urgency of America fleeing away from Afghanistan is a failed foreign policy.


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