Green Legacy: Ambassador Jemal inaugurates Ethio-Pakistan Unity Enclave at FCCI

Ethiopian Ambassador to Pakistan Jemal Beker Abdula on Friday inaugurated Ethio-Pakistan Unity Enclave at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The FCCI set up the enclave at its vicinity to celebrate the Ethio-Pakistan Fraternity Under Green Legacy Initiative launched by the chamber in collaboration with the Ethiopian Embassy Islamabad.

Green Legacy initiative

Ambassador Jemal and FCCI President Dr Khurram Tariq launched the initiative by planting saplings of indigenous species at the enclave.

A large number of people from all walks of life including business and religious community, academia, students, civil society and media took part in the plantation campaign under the Green Legacy initiative of Dr Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

He said it was imperative for both Ethiopia and Pakistan to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise to fight the looming threat of climate change together.

The ambassador recalled the devastation unleashed by the flash floods in Pakistan in 2022 that he had personally witnessed during his visit to the tent cities of Sindh.

Highlighting importance of the Green Legacy Initiative, he said the visionary leader of Ethiopian PM Dr Abiy Ahmed worked out a home grown solution to the climate change under his Medemer philosophy that advocated for alignment of all resources to resolve home grown problems.

He said the Ethiopian Prime Minister had been mobilizing the whole nation under the Green Legacy Initiative since 2019 and so far, more than 32.5 billion seedlings were planted across the country in the last five years which included saplings of fruits like avocado, papaya, banana, oranges, olives and many others.

Likewise, coffee, animal feed and floral plants were also planted taking “us closer to our target of 50 billion seedlings until 2025”, he added. In addition to that, he said, more than 150,000 nurseries were set up in the country as well as over a million jobs created through the Green Legacy Initiative.

FCCI President Dr Khurram expressed gratitude to Ambassador Jemal Beker Abdula for introducing the Green Legacy Initiative in Pakistan.

He said history had been made with the launch of Ethio-Pakistan Unity Enclave at the FCCI Sustainability Park which reflected growing relations between the two countries.

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