Egypt-Pakistan launched RAAD 1

Egyptian and Pakistani special forces kicked off the Raad-1 exercise in Egypt, which will continue for several days, the Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Monday.

The exercise kicked off with the participation of Egyptian paratroopers and Thunderbolt Forces as well as Pakistani special forces.

The exercise is taking place under the leadership of the Egyptian paratroopers.

The training includes numerous activities and events to exchange tactical expertise between the two sides in the field of counterterrorism.

This includes vertical assault operations, improvised explosive device detection and handling, executing parachute jumps, land navigation, and first aid training.

The two sides have been preparing for the exercise over the past several days, according to the Egyptian army.

The Pakistani forces have been arriving and the two sides have been familiarizing and integrating their forces, as well as showcasing their weapons and equipment.

The exercises are part of a joint training plan designed to bolster military cooperation between the armed forces of Egypt and their counterparts from friendly nations.

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