Dealing with absolute evil says Kyiv

Dealing with Absolute Evil
Dealing with absolute evil:  

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy says the battle for the Donbas will be remembered in military history as one of the most violent in Europe: 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes the cost of the Donbas war is “extremely significant” and “simply scary” for Ukraine. The President of Ukraine says dealing with absolute evil. He goes on to say that it will go down in military history as one of Europe’s most bloody conflicts.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russia’s principal goal in Ukraine is to protect the separatist self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Authorities are probing the deaths of more than 12,000 Ukrainians during the war, according to Ukraine’s police head.

Russian troops in Mariupol, Ukraine’s southern city, are planning to reopen the drama theatre where ‘hundreds’ of Ukrainians were blasted, according to a Ukrainian official. According to media reports, the attack killed approximately 600 persons both inside and outside the structure.

Russia’s intention, according to Mariupol mayor’s advisor Petro Andriyushchenko, was to refurbish and reopen the theatre on September 1. He described the proposal as “a dance on bones, an exhibition in a cemetery.”

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According to the city’s governor, Oleh Synehubov, Russian shelling killed one lady and injured her three-month-old infant in the eastern Kharkiv region today. As well as four additional people were wounded in the region, according to Synehubov, as Russian shelling destroyed residences and apartment complexes and ignited fires.

Moreover, Russian servicemen abducted three Ukrainians in the occupied parts of the southeastern Zaporizhzhia region, Ukrainian officials said. One was kidnapped from Enerhodar, the company town of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and the other two were taken away from the Melitopol district, the regional state administration said on Facebook.

Dozens of the plant’s employees and pro-Ukrainian sympathizers have been kidnapped since Russian forces seized more than half of the region according to Mansur Mirovalev in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Pope Francis has launched a new round of criticisms of Russia’s activities in Ukraine, describing Russian troops as “brutal, harsh, and ferocious,” while hailing “brave” Ukrainians for fighting for their lives. However, he also stated in the text of a chat he held with editors of Jesuit media last month that the situation was neither black and white and that the war was “perhaps in some way prompted.”

“If we want to solve the fundamental problems, we must not forget about them,” Francis remarked, citing the armaments industry as one of the elements that encourage war. Dealing with absolute evil are remarks of Kyiv!

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“It’s also true that the Russians expected everything to be over in a week. They, on the other hand, miscalculated. “They came across brave people that are fighting for survival and have a history of hardship,” he said.

Moscow Exchange suspends Swiss franc trading after new sanctions:

The Moscow Exchange has said it would suspend trading of the Swiss franc against the rouble and the US dollar after Switzerland adopted new EU sanctions against Russia. The Moscow Exchange, Russia’s largest bourse, said it was having difficulty conducting transactions in the Swiss currency as a result of new trading restrictions imposed by Switzerland last week.

“The suspension of operations is due to difficulties conducting settlements in Swiss francs faced by market participants and the financial sector in connection with the restrictive measures imposed by Switzerland on June 10,” the Moscow Exchange said in a statement.

A few hours back, Four people have been injured by shelling in a Russian town in the Bryansk region on the border with Ukraine, the regional governor said. The incident occurred in the town of Klintsy, some 50 kilometers (miles) from the Ukrainian border. “A few houses were damaged and four people injured, according to preliminary information,” regional governor Alexander Bogomaz wrote on the Telegram messaging app.

Residents posted the footage to social media of a Russian military helicopter hovering over the town after the shelling and reported that electricity and water had been cut off.

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The situation in Severodonetsk has been described as “seriously worsened” by the governor of Luhansk. “The city has been stormed for numerous days in succession. “Artillery is used by the enemy to demolish high-rise structures and industrial infrastructure,” Serhiy Haidai posted on Telegram.

People are murdered every day, but their remains are “impossible to get owing to the density of shelling,” he claimed, adding that “several damaged high-rise structures… some of which the Russian army shot to demolish the foundation” are present.

Source: Al Jazeera 

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