BRI and Ethiopia

BRI and Ethiopia’s Vision 2030

Without a question, Ethiopia’s economic change might be aided by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to expand infrastructure, encourage investment, and create jobs. China and Ethiopia are collaborating on building industrial parks, a green economy, and infrastructure as part of the BRI. All of these large-scale initiatives are yielding outstanding results and…

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Uzbekistan Conceptual Greater Regional Connectivity

Uzbekistan Conceptual & Contextual Greater Regional Connectivity:  The great contribution of the Uzbek ancestors to the development of world civilization and conceptual & contextual greater regional connectivity is well known to the whole world today. Uzbeks are great scientists, philosophers, socio-politico thinkers, religious leaders, military commanders and people’s friendly rulers too. They influenced the world…

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Arab League Summit; Jeddah declaration

Arab League Summit: The Arab League concluded its 32nd summit by adopting the Jeddah Declaration, reaffirming the need for unity to achieve security and stability. The summit, which discussed various topics, including the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and developments in Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon, convened in Jeddah and saw Syria’s participation for the first time in…

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Uzbekistan Post Referendum Scenario; OSCE Role

The Republic of Uzbekistan has once again taken the decisive “lead” in introducing “pure” and “genuine” reforms of further “politicization” and “democratization” in the Central Asian Region. The successful holding and approval of the most recently referendum on April 30, 2023 has opened a new chapter and concept of “interactive” and “integrative” “People’s Democracy” and…

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Sudan political unrest

The United Nations said more than 400 people have been killed and more than 3,500 injured in the fighting. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan and the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell discussed the ongoing conflict in Sudan and the latest regional and international developments in a phone call on Sunday,…

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Uzbekistan President

Uzbekistan Constitutional Reforms; International trajectory

The upcoming referendum in Uzbekistan has great strategic significance for its national politics, future government’s outlook, composition, utility, scope & importance through the renewed, revised, redrafted and re-included principles of administrative & financial transparency, political openness, inclusiveness, modernization and qualitative life in the country. It would be a first giant step toward greater systematic and…

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