Azerbaijan has shown Peacekeeping Initiative to Armenia

The recent events on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border have attracted the attention of the world. Journalist Gunel Abbas, a member of the ruling party of Azerbaijan, “New Azerbaijan”, explained the essence of the issue on our website.

Azerbaijan has always shown peacekeeping initiative to Armenia:

Azerbaijan ended its 30 years of occupation and freed its territories. Azerbaijan has always shown a peacekeeping Initiative to Armenia because of the regional peace and stability.

Azerbaijan has shown peacekeeping initiative to Armenia

Liberation by Azerbaijan:

Gunel Abbas said that in 2020, Azerbaijan ended the 30-year occupation and freed its territories from Armenian occupation in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council: “However, official Yerevan still continues its criminal acts. Azerbaijan has liberated its lands which were occupied for the last thirty years.

On the night of September 12, sabotage groups of the armed forces of Armenia carried out mining of the areas between the positions of the units of the Azerbaijani Army in different directions, using the mountainous relief of the area in the dark. The positions of the Azerbaijani Army were fired intensively.

Provocation prevented by Azerbaijan:

In order to prevent the provocation committed by Armenia, retaliatory measures were taken by the Azerbaijani Army. I would also like to mention that more than 50 of our soldiers were martyred during the prevention of this provocation. It is a great pity that Armenia continues to resort to such provocations.

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Behind such acts are the intention of the Armenian authorities to sabotage the peace talks and territorial claims against Azerbaijan. The fact that the recent events committed by Armenia coincided with a period after the Brussels negotiations further strengthen these possibilities. “Azerbaijan always shows a peace-making initiative to Armenia.”

Deployment of Peacekeeping Forces: 

The member of the ruling party noted that in accordance with the tripartite declaration signed between Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia in November 2020, Russian peacekeeping forces were deployed on the territory of Azerbaijan. However, Armenia does not withdraw its armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan, contrary to the mentioned statement.

I would like to note that the Karabakh economic region is important for Azerbaijan not only from a strategic point of view but also from a historical point of view. The city of Shusha, freed from occupation, is also the cultural capital of Azerbaijan.”

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According to the Azerbaijani side, in order to establish peace in the region and normalize relations with Armenia, Azerbaijan presented a document consisting of 5 principles: “The most important point of the 5 principles presented to the Armenian side is the mutual recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the states.

Despite this, the Armenian government and some Armenian revanchist groups do not intend to give up their territorial claims against Azerbaijan. At the same time, they do not want to accept that Karabakh is a part of Azerbaijan. I would like to bring to your attention that the next aggression of the Armenian side against Azerbaijan grossly violates the fundamental norms and principles of international law.

These steps of Armenia are completely contrary to the ongoing normalization and peace process and pose a threat to the security and stability of the Caucasus region”.

This Article is written by Ms. Gunel Abbas, Journalist from Azerbaijan. She is a representative of Azerbaijan at ISCABO and the New Azerbaijan Party.

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