Regime losing Trust of their Citizens


This article is written by Abbas Malik, M.Phil Scholar. He is currently studying Governance and Public policy at Riphah International University.

Regime losing Trust of their Citizens: 

As long as, the history of Pakistan and its governments is cleared among the intellectuals so here, the general public still does not have the right to true information that what actually is being run in our country. Though, we were amongst the most first few countries which had introduced these legislations but again unfortunately the implementation of laws is still in a worse situation. However, as per the given situation in the assigned paragraph, we can oversight the current progress and deliverance by PTI Government.

Role of Social media: 

Firstly, as we already know about the role of social media for the evolution of PTI since 2011 and the road mapping for getting them in the power by the only support of the establishment. And, these elements are also highlighted by social media.

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This negative point and the main obstacle in doing good governance because bureaucracy is not mentally aligned with the current regime. Whatever, the current government had initiated, purposed, or legislated has not yet achieved its targeted goals. Therefore, it is proven that where there is a hybrid regime that has no mandate will face the consequences not only in that era in which it is in power but also in history as well.

General public opinion: 

Secondly, another factor of failure of this regime in the opinion of the general public is that they are not getting the ownership of their manifesto which was induced during election campaign 2018. As media is witnessed in so many cases the situation is more than different as compared to those speeches which were delivered in the campaign. The main thing for any government is to keep maintain the trust level of their citizen but unfortunately, this government can not restore the trust level of the citizens.


Thirdly, the most important factor is inflation which is record broken in the entire history of Pakistan and again there is no single hope for the improvement in their remaining time of parliamentary duration. The disastrous situation is the current inflation rate in Pakistan is 10.72% these statistics show that in entire financial history is speechless. While purchasing power of common citizens is far from the actual resources.

Failure in building parliamentary relations: 

Fourthly, this is the only government that has failed to even build a parliamentary relation at least for those matters which are in the national interests. All the time, elected representatives are busy in blame gaming rather than enhancing their capacity to their relevant ministries or other parliamentary activities.

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After overnighting the current situation about this government only one rational opinion emerges that Pakistan needs a purely elected and democratic government which should have some grass-root level support from the general public and there should not no involvement from the anti-democratic segments because of this an elected government can take their decisions freely and pro-actively. In the end, as Pakistan is facing crises in every sector then there should be national level integrity among all the stakeholders and all mainstream political parties to not only boost the economy but also play their part for the respect of Pakistani flag among the nations across the globe.

This is an opinion article written by a student of M.Phil, the views expressed in the article are the author’s own views and do not reflect the policy or opinion of the youth diplomacy forum.






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